Nests 34 through 38

It was a very, very busy morning on the beach.  We had 5 nests and 3 false crawls!

Walkers Anne Snelgrove, Melanie Jerome and Liz Haggerty called with a crawl 100 yards from the point.   Judy Morr responded and found nest 37. In her second year of walking, Liz finally had her first nest. 

Nancy Shenton, Jackie Brooks and Judy Morr started at 6am and were rewarded with a crawl at the first house under construction past the club.  Judy probed and found Nest 34.  It was left in situ.

Walkers Jane Magioncada and Laura and Jim Logan called with 3 crawls. Bill Greubel responded. The crawl 300 yards South of Boardwalk 2 became Nest 38.  It was  left in situ. Jane Magioncada, under the tutelage of Bill Greubel, found Nest 35 50 yards north of Boardwalk 3. Their third crawl was at the fourth house north of Boardwalk 6.  They saw the mama pop her head up as she went back out to the sea.  Unfortunately, with lots of probing and digging, no eggs were found. This false crawl has been marked with a flag.  Not having had enough fun for the day, Bill Greubel went back to yesterday's false crawl near Boardwalk 4.  He probed one area then went to directly in front of the False Crawl peg and found Nest 36!  So the walkers for Nest 36 were Pixie Hider, Lyn Madison, Mimi Montague and Karen Preston.

nest #34 - 19.jpeg
nest #35 - 19.JPG
nest #37 - 19.jpeg