Nests 49 & 50

Mark and Valerie Doane were the only Walkers on Zone 3 this morning, and found a crawl just north of Boardwalk 3. They are also the Sunday probers and found Nest 49. After completing their walk, they relocated the 142 eggs above the high tide line 50 yards north of Boardwalk 3.
As the Doanes were completing the relocation process, Karen Sewell called in from the end of her walk . She reported a classic in and out crawl and decided to escape the heat and bugs to go home. Since the Doanes were close by, they went to X out the tracks. But, you never know! They found no body pit but a little disturbed sand on the "in" crawl side. Mark probed 2 or 3 times and found the nest. 99 eggs from Nest 50 were relocated above the high tide line.

nest #49 - 19.jpg